Weight Loss

Do you struggle to lose weight?

Do you hate your body and feel it is just not good enough ?

Do you exercise furiously to burn excess calories you’ve consumed but it doesn’t work?



For years I had weight issues . I know what it’s like to hate your body and feel helpless to change . I used to diet harshly then binge on foods and then exercise madly to try and burn the excess calories . But it didn’t work. It never did. Then I felt more despair.

To get better and to lose weight you need to be kind to yourself. If you really want to lose weight . I can help. Let your unconscious mind help you become the slimmer ,fitter, best version of you that you were born to be .

I have two programmes for weight loss for you to choose from : the virtual gastric band and the alternative weight loss programme .

Virtual Gastric Band

Do you have problems knowing when you are full ? Is it portion control that is holding you back from achieving a slim, healthy body ? If so you may wish to choose this programme.

The concept of the virtual gastric band is based on the actual gastric band which is performed under surgery. Surgical gastric bands work by reducing the size of the stomach so that only smaller portions pf food can be taken into the stomach. This is achieved by fitting a band under surgery which creates a smaller chamber in the stomach. The band is placed around  the upper part of the stomach and it contains a circular balloon similar to a tiny tube which is then inflated through a port placed just under your skin. This creates a pouch of stomach above the band . When you eat the pouch fills up quickly and the band slows down the passage of food into the lower part of the stomach. The food then travels normally through the rest of the digestive system.

During hypnosis a suggestion will be made so that you will believe that a gastric band has been fitted and you can only eat small amounts of food following the procedure.

Alternative Weight Loss Programme

Do you punish yourself by eating loads and then exercising harshly? Do you eat for reasons other than being hungry – bored, loneliness, dissatisfaction with life , feeling empty inside?

If the answer to any of the above is yes you may wish to choose this programme.

In this programme we will use hypnosis to talk to your unconscious self and give suggestions which will change your behaviours and thought patterns to land you lighter on the scales.

I will give you tools to help you deal with challenging situations in life so that you don’t need to turn to unhealthy foods to self medicate. We will also challenge your thought patterns and beliefs. I will help you construct more helpful beliefs around food to help you achieve the stronger , fitter, slimmer body you deserve.